Raise Up Smiles We make smiles to spread to people just as steam raises up mochi.


Senbei, often called "rice crackers" in English, has been enjoyed as traditional confectionery by Japanese people over the centuries. It is made from rice which is historically the most important agricultural product in Japan. It is produced by baking or frying rice dough and flavoring it with salt or soy sauce. The rice crackers are popular as souvenir or gift because they are loved by people of all ages and the shelf life is quite long.



CHUOKEN SENBEI was founded by Yoichi Chikuma in 1923 when he moved to Tokyo. Yoichi named the brand CHUOKEN after his dream that the brand would be a center shop of rice cracker producers. (CHUO means "center" and KEN means "shop" in Japanese.) Since then, we have produced rice crackers for approximately 100 years over four generations. Our mission has always been to create the moment of joy and happiness with our rice crackers, which is expressed in a phrase as "Raise Up Smiles."


Quality is our NO.1 priority. In order to accomplish our mission, we always seek the best quality of our products. All of our rice, the most important ingredient for rice crackers, used for our products are made in Japan. Moreover, our passion for the quality ended up with purchasing rice only from the contract farmers in the north region of Japan which climate is ideal for the development of rice.


Safety is as important as the quality for us. If the quality is regarded as the central pillar of a house, the safety is the foundation on which the central pillar is built. Our facilities are operated in accordance with the international standard of food safety program where the HACCP system is implemented throughout the production process. Our facilities were certified in accordance with ISO22000 in 2013.